Insurance Products

You are always safe with our various insurance products.
Travel Health Insurance
Get your Travel Health Insurance from Crystal Prestige Credit, and enjoy your travel preparations.
Comprehensive Family Insurance
Secure yourself and your family against potential accidents! Find out more.
Physician Liability Insurance
The risks that are associated with your profession are also covered by Crystal Prestige Credit
Life Insurance
Anybody between the ages of 18-65 can take out this policy to provide for their loved ones in the event of unexpected death or disability
Health Insurance
All citizens and foreign nationals with residency issued with temporary ID numbers, with or without Private Health Insurance may apply to their nearest branch for health insurance privileges and peace of mind regarding healthcare expenses.
Traffic Insurance
A Traffic Insurance policy provides coverage up to the mandatory insurance limit against legal responsibilities arising under Highways Traffic Law No. 2918 due to injury or death of individuals or damage to property caused during the operation of a motor vehicle registered under the policy.