About Our Bank

Today, as in the past; at Crystal Prestige Credit, we are continuing to shape the UK and US banking sector.

We provide services in the areas of payment systems, credit, checking and investments with our broad range of products. We offer the most appropriate products with the most favorable term and pricing options.
We lend support to our customers in the form of advantageous terms and conditions through periodical promotions and campaigns.
With our rich variety of products and services, synergetic structuring with partners, unrivalled market knowledge and experience, human resources and strong financial structure, we continuously generate the energy and motivation needed in our bank's ongoing growth process.

Some Milestones

We are always at our customers' side with our ATMs, Internet Branch, Call Centers, Telephone and Mobile Banking, and other channels. We also have aspirations abroad, with the largest international service network of any UK and US bank comprising many service points in numerous countries.